About LVCC

About the Club

The Livermore Valley Camera Club (LVCC) was established in 1958 so that photographers of all levels could meet to share their images, learn from each other, and take part in a range of photo-related activities. We share a desire to interpret the world around us in images and to help each other become better photographers. One of our fundamental activities is showing our images at the club in a friendly competition and listening to critiques from experienced judges. Doing so is a way to be recognized for our work and an opportunity to continue learning about how to make better images.

The goal of the club is to promote excellence in photography. The emphasis is on camaraderie, enjoying other people’s work, and sharing stories and techniques. If you have always enjoyed taking pictures or admired others’ photographs, the camera club is a great place to share your work, meet others who enjoy photography, and expand your knowledge and experience.

The club is based primarily on the guidelines set up by the Northern California Council of Camera Clubs (N4C), of which LVCC is a member. N4C is a federation of sixteen camera clubs located in the greater Bay Area. The club also sponsors an annual beginner photography class through the Livermore Area Recreation & Park District (LARPD), conducts a number of photo field trips during the year, and incorporates tutorials into its meetings.

Please join us! Guests are always welcome. And when you do show up for that first meeting, don’t be shy—introduce yourself, ask questions, and by all means, bring in some of your work. We’ll be glad to have you.


First and Third Monday of the Month
7:00 p.m.

The Livermore Valley Camera Club meets twice a month, on the first and third Monday (excluding holidays) and except for December, when there are no scheduled meetings. Meetings start promptly at 7 p.m., and guests are always welcome and encouraged to participate. Meetings typically last about two hours.

In the case of Monday holidays, meetings are usually rescheduled for the following Friday. If for some reason our venue is not available on a Monday, the meeting will be automatically moved to the following Friday unless otherwise scheduled. Please check the club website and your member email for rescheduled meetings.

Fifth Monday of the Month
7:00 p.m.

In any month with a fifth Monday, we often have a non-competitive Program Night. These are tutorials/workshops on photography-related topics such as taking nature and sports photos, portraits with studio lighting, using Photoshop, and matting prints.


Because of COVID-19, we are currently providing information on the physical meeting location by request only. If you are not a LVCC member and interested in attending a physical meeting, please request location information HERE. Vaccination and masking requirements may be in force.

How Much

Club Dues are $60 per year. Additional family members are $30.
After August 1st, dues are pro rated to reflect time remaining in the year. The club operates on an membership year starting March 1st. New members joining in January or February are paid until March 1st the following year.

Membership includes access to all club activities including monthly competitions and field trips.

If you’d like to become a member, click Join in the main menu.